PLANTS IN STOCK 9th July 2020

PLANTS IN STOCK 9th July 2020
A list of current pond plants in stock

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*List correct at time of writing 9th July 2020.  Please ring to check availability as we can sell out of the below plants at any time!  COVID-19 - We can deliver plants locally or you can collect in accordance with Social Distancing restrictions - turn up between 10.30am and 3.30pm Thursday-Tuesday (we are currently closed Wednesdays)

For details and pictures of the plants on the list, explore the above categories ↑  Some plants appear in more than one category as they are happy to live in different conditions.  Make sure you acclimatise them slowly if you are changing the conditions they are used to (ask us for help with this if you're not sure).





Dwarf Waterlilies:

Nymphaea pygmaea Alba

Nymphaea pygmaea Rubra

Nymphaea pygmaea Helvola

Nymphaea pygmaea Paul Hariot

Nymphaea pygmaea Comanche

Nymphaea pygmaea Indiana


Large Established Waterlilies:

Nymphaea Moorei

Nymphaea Firecrest

Nymphaea Oderata sulphurea

Nymphaea Richardsonii

Nymphaea James Brydon

Nymphaea Albatross

Nymphaea Gonnere

Nymphaea Marliacea albida

Nymphaea rose arey

Nymphaea Leydekeri Fulgens

Nymphaea colossea

Nymphaea Atrraction



Ceratophyllum demersum - Hornwort




Acorus calamus – Sweet Flag

Acorus calamus variegata  - Variegated Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus – Japanese Rush

Alisma plantago-aquatica – European Water Plantain

Astilbe arendsii- False Goatsbeard ‘Astary Rose’

Caltha palustris – Marsh Marigold

Carex flava – Yellow Sedge

Carex panacea – Grass-like Sedge

Carex pendula – Pendulous Sedge

Cotula coronopifilia – Brass Buttons

Cyperus alternifolius – Umbrella Plant

Cyperus longus – Sweet Galingale

Eleocharis palustris - Spike Rush

Epilobium angustifolium - Willowherb

Equisetum hyemale - Horsetail

Eriophorum angustifolium - Cottongrass

Eriophorum vaginatum- Cottongrass

Eupatorium cannabinum- Hemp Agrimony

Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’ – Queen of the Prairie

Geum rivale - Water Aven

Glyceria maxima – Reed Sweet Grass

Gratiola officinalis alba – White Hedge Hyssop

Houttuynia cordata – Heart-leafed Houttuynia

Houttuynia cordata variegata – Chameleon Plant

Hypericum elodes – MarshSt John’s Wort

Imperata cylindrica – Japanese Blood Grass

Iris pseudacorus – Yellow Flag Iris

Iris Louisiana – Swamp Iris

Iris Louisiana 'Purple Sensation' – Swamp Iris

Juncus ensifolius – Flying Hedgehogs

Lobelia cardinalis 'Queen Victoria' – Cardinal Flower

Lobelia siphilitica Alba– Great White Lobelia

Lychnis Flos – cuculi alba– White Ragged Robin

Lychnis flos-cuculi nana congesta – Dwarf Ragged Robin

Lysimachia punctata – Dotted Loosestrife

Lysimachia vulgaris - Loosestrife

Lythrum salicaria – Purple Loosestrife ‘Little Robert’

Mazus reptans 'alba' - White Chinese Marsh Flower

Mazus reptans - Chinese Marsh Flower

Mentha aquatica – Water Mint

Menyanthes trifoliata – Bog Bean

Mimulus cardinalis – Scarlet Monkey Flower

Mimulus ringens – Alleghony Monkey Flower

Persicaria amphibia - Knotweed

Persicaria bistorta - Knotgrass

Phalaris arundinacea var. Arctic Sun – Gardener’s Garters

Preslia cervina – Water Spearmint

Primula bulleyana – Bulley’s Candelabra Primrose

Primula denticulate ‘Lilac’ – Japanese Primrose

Primula rosea - Primrose

Primula vialii – Orchid Primrose

Ranunculus acris 'Multiplex' - Buttercup

Rumex sanguineus – Red Veined Dock

Scirpus albescens – White Rush

Schizostylis coccinea – Kaffir Lily

Sisyrinchium angustifolium - Blue-eyed Grass

Stachys palustris – Marsh Woundwort

Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic

Typha latifolia - Bulrush

Valeriana officinalis - Valerian

Zantedeschia aethiopica – Arum Lily



Large Established Plants – 3 Litre Pots

Carex pseudocyperus – Cyperus Sedge

Darmera peltata – Umbrella Plant

Gunnera manicata – Giant Rhubarb

Iris pseudacorus – Yellow Flag Iris

Phragmites communis variegata – Variegated Reed





Anagallis tenella – Bog Pimpernel

Bacopa caroliniana – Lemon Bacopa

Rotala rotundifolia – Pink Rotala

Scirpus cernuus – Tufted Clubrush

Scripus isolepsis – Slender Clubrush

Cerataphyllum demersum – Hornwort



Water Soldiers

Water Chestnut


Water Lettuce



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