PLANTS IN STOCK 21st June 2019

PLANTS IN STOCK 21st June 2019
A list of current pond plants in stock

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*List correct at time of writing 21st June 2019.  Please ring to check availability as we can sell out of the below plants at any time!

For details and pictures of the plants on the list, explore the above categories ↑  Some plants appear in more than one category as they are happy to live in different conditions.  Make sure you acclimatise them slowly if you are changing the conditions they are used to (ask us for help with this if you're not sure).




Nymphaea sp. - Waterlilies

Ceratophyllum demersum - Hornwort




Acorus calamus – Sweet Flag

Acorus calamus variegata  - Variegated Sweet Flag

Alisma Parviflorum – American Water Plantain

Butomus umbellatus – Flowering Rush

Caltha palustris alba – White Marsh Marigold

Carex pendula – Pendulous Sedge

Carex pseudocyperus – Cyperus Sedge

Carex Bowles ‘Golden’ – Bowles’ Golden Sedge

Cyperus longus – Sweet Galingale

Eupatorium cannabinum- Hemp Agrimony

Iris pseudacorus – Yellow Flag Iris

Iris sibirica blue – Siberian Flag

Mentha aquatica – Water Mint

Pontederia cordata – Pickerelweed

Scirpus albescens – White Rush

Scirpus lacustris – True Bulrush

Scirpus zebrinus – Zebra Rush

Sparganium erectum -  Branched Bur Reed

Typha angustifolia – Lesser Bulrush

Typha latifolia - Bulrush

Zantedeschia aethiopica – Arum Lily




Bacopa caroliniana – Lemon Bacopa

Eleocharis acicularis - Hairgrass

Hippuris vulgaris – Mare’s Tail

Pilularia globulifera – Pillwort



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