LIST Anubias Plants (Potted)

LIST Anubias Plants (Potted)
A list of available Anubias species Please see the list below detailing the potted Anubias plants we are able to order in from our supplier. 

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Order turn-around time varies from a few days to two weeks depending on availability.  Please note that minimum order quantities of between 3 and 6 pots apply with some varieties.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance designing an aquascape.

01423 869590 or


1030S Anubias   afzelli    £4.50
1031 Anubias barteri    £4.50
1032 Anubias bonzai    £4.50
1033 Anubias   caffeefolia    £4.50
1034 Anubias   congensis    £4.50
1035 Anubias crispus    £4.50
1036S Anubias gilletii    £4.50
1037S Anubias gracilis    £4.50
1038S Anubias   hastifolia    £4.50
1039 Anubias heterophylla    £4.50
1040 Anubias   lanceolata    £4.50
1041 Anubias minima    £4.50
1042 Anubias nana    £4.50
1043S Anubias   ondulatus    £4.50
1044S Anubias saggitte    £4.50


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