DENNERLE pH Controller Exolution DeLuxe

DENNERLE pH Controller Exolution DeLuxe
The Dennerle pH Controller Evolution Deluxe  constantly   measures the aquarium pH and controls the quantity of CO2 being used, increasing or restricting the flow to lower or raise the pH as necessary.

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The Dennerle pHController Evolution Deluxe constantly measures the aquarium pH and controls the level by increasing or restricting the flow of CO2 as necessary.  Ensure aquarium plants receive the optimum amount of CO2 and that fish benefit from stable pH levels appropriate to their species.

Fully digital display and simple to use controls. "1 button = 1 function".

Includes calibration kit and pH electrode. 


How does it work?

Simply calibate the electrode by dipping it in the pH4 and pH7 calibration solution in turn and pressing the calibrate button.  This 'teaches' the controller to recognise each extreme of pH it will encounter in the aquarium.  A Magnetic Night-time Shut-Off Valve should installed in-line with the CO2 supply and plugged into the transformer unit - this allows the pH Controller to electronically close the Magnetic Valve when the CO2 should be restricted, and open the valve when CO2 needs adding to the aquarium.  Program the Controller to the desired pH level, and leave the pH electrode to sense changes in the pH.  The Controller reacts to information sent from the electrode and adjusts the CO2 flow as necessary to maintain a stable pH and optimum CO2 concentration for healthy aquarium plant growth.

A Long-Term pH Test should also be installed somewhere visible in the aquarium - this confirms at a glance that the pH and CO2 levels are being regulated and stabilised correctly.

Features include:

•  Calibration reminder - automatic reminder to recalibrate the electrode every 4 weeks.

•  Automatic pH setting/calibration

•  On/Off button to manually override the flow of CO2

•  Alarm function - audible alarm to warn of fluctuations of more than 0.5+/- in pH level

•  Dimmable display - adjusts automatically to light

•  Control lamp - indicates when CO2 is running

•  Automatic pH adjustment - simply programme in the KH level and the pH Controller calculates and supplys the optimum amount of CO2

•  Child-proof key pad lock


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