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Dennerle have constantly improved their secret 'recipe' for the Deponit mix and the results just get better. The new 'Deponit mix professional' includes not only the original Deponit but a volcanic material for longer term supply of trace elements. Highly porous clay granules improve filtering action and green 'energy grains' optimise the substrate environment for strong root development and plant growth. The substrate mix can last for up to 7 years (on average 3 to 5 years) and with the use of a heating cable supplies a steady stream of nutrients into the aquarium via convection currents as well as providing an excellent medium for plants to root in. Recent research has suggested a substrate as deep as 10-15cm is ideal with a deponit to gravel ratio of 1:2.

Important note: never use Deponit without a heating cable as without warmth and water movement the substrate will stagnate and poison the water for the fish


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