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Pond Vacuums
OASE's Pond Vacuums offer a quick and easy solution to freeing the pond floor of sludge, fish waste, decaying plant matter, uneaten fish food, and other unpleasant sediment. The PondoVac range allows you to target the debris directly without stirring it up and polluting the water, and removes the waste from the pond completely (preventing it from affecting the biological balance or water chemisty). They can also be used to remove String Algae (Blanket Weed) and Duckweed.

This simple maintenance task should be undertaken every Autumn (when leaves from over-hanging trees and dying water plants pollute the water) and Spring (to remove any debris that may have built up over winter). Try not to remove more than about 30% of the total pond volume in one cleaning session as this can adversely affect your water quality. As with many things, 'little and often' is the key to success!

We do have several PondoVacs in use at our shop which we hire out to customers who prefer not to own their own unit - call in and talk to a member of staff for more details.


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