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Substrate Systems
Working from the bottom up, the best substrate systems use an undergravel heating cable, a layer of Deponit fertiliser and a deeper layer of 1-3mm grade gravel. The heating cables create warm and cold areas in the gravel bed, and the resulting convection currents carry a constant stream of nutrients up through the gravel to the plants. The Deponit fertiliser contains volcanic material for long-term supply of trace elements and highly porous clay granules to improve filtering action. The green 'energy grains' optimise the substrate environment for strong root development and plant growth. Deponit is a great investment as it can last for up to 7 years. Ideally, create a sloping substrate bed of 5-10cm at the front and 10-15cm at the back with a rough Deponit: Gravel ratio of 1:2.
Important note: never use Deponit without a heating cable as without warmth and water movement the substrate will stagnate and can affect water quality.



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